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You can feel free to access and takes profit (the Icons and things), also no need to credits there are very strict rules :

1. Comment - if you take.
2. Watch - if you love the works.
one more very strict :
even you dont need to credit they are all made by effort. Also textless icon are not bases because it also edited.
one more even strict :

[#036] Forever a Lady

been a while not making icons. forgive me;;

this week's update: [27]
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[#035] Flying Pussyfoot

more delayed updates because of exam is coming near.
Also, expect some updates for the appearances of this community.
For this update, for the Hetalia ones, I offer you Mamu's Art, her style is more like those tegaki drawings. But hell, she doesnt have tegaki account, also her arts are rather precious.
Chose Baccano! because I miss this series.
For HanaIro... I made this a while ago. 
this week's update : [93]
 [33] Hetalia | Art by Mamu
[38] Baccano! | Various fanarts
[22] Hanasaku Iroha | Various

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[#034] Not Always the Cold War

sorry for the long update. I was kinda confused of deciding the theme, but I decided to make it from another OTP of mine.

RusAme isnt all about Cold War. I hope you like it! :3

this week's update : [52]

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[#033] CSI : NY season 8 promo

EDIT : yes I mean promo icons

I dont know if I am doing this right because indeed this is my first time making icons for real life photos.
I enjoy alot though, also yes, coloring practice.

credit to tumblr, mostly to csi-ny911

this week's update: [54]

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[032] Spain no Exorcist

I just noticed the new posting format ffff-
sorry for the least active. 

This week's update : [23 + 1 wallpaper]

[20] Hetalia : Spain
[03 + 1] Ao no Exorcist + wallpaper 


  I mean Spain no MatadorCollapse )