[#041] Aren't we all related?

yoo.. finally reached 41th update!
and hello there! I hope you still remember about this blog, no? 

my last update was on June which means 5 months ago,,,
because i live in a dormitory now with limited internet connection, and my uni activity is full, I'll try to update when i have the time like right now. Long weekend, and happy islamic new year!!

this 41th update aren't really much, i am sorry. I also just recently watched Kimi to Boku, it's really good for you who look forward for friendship.

Just today I finished catching up with doctor who! can't wait for the christmas special! I'll try to make icons for the recent materials when i have finished gathering the raw files!

Again, this update aren't really worth it, aside of me writing too much about this. I tried making another spain/uk wallpaper, but the outcome not really good  i am ashame of myself so i only use it personally on my laptop //sighs

this week's update: [065]
[40] Hetalia : random characters/pairings
[25] Kimi to Boku: random fanarts


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[#040] Football Doctor

so I finally caught up with Series 5, then the idea of making icons out of each episodes popped up. Reason? To practice my coloring. Credit for the screencaps goes to sonicbiro. For the second batch, is football, Germany NT for the exact. This one credit to Tumblr (for the photos). Euro Cup fever everywhere bro!! 

this week's update: [102]
[51] Doctor Who | series 5 episode 1
[51] Football | Random recent Germany NT 


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[#038] Ay oo holiday

It's been a while I havent update (always the same line orz)
I am already on holiday, so I'll update frequently ^3^
expect some more updates!

For the spuk doujin shot, I'll name it 1.5 cos it should be in an own post, and of course with more amount.
For the doctor who.. asdkd I like David Tennant with glasses okay. I collect the screenshot of him with brainy specs. I am suck at searching, I'll find and make more! ;;3;;

this week's update: [144]
[31] Darker Than Black | vary
[41] Mawaru Penguindrum | focuse on Shoma/Ringo but vary
[41] Hetalia | Spain/England doujin shots set 1.5
[31] Doctor Who | 10th with brainy specs


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[#037] SpUK from doujin samples set 1

anyone miss me? no?
Anyway this time I decided to make icons from the sample doujins that artists shared all over pixiv.
These icons suit for your fangirl needs, even your rp needs. (Yes because it has some funny individual emoticons)
Not just icons, but some gifs and slight bigger crops (that maybe useful for your blog description, etc). 

I didnt include what are the doujins that I took. But, if you asked for it. I'll be gladly give you the link to the doujin sample on pixiv!

this week's update: [99 + 5]
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[#035] Flying Pussyfoot

more delayed updates because of exam is coming near.
Also, expect some updates for the appearances of this community.
For this update, for the Hetalia ones, I offer you Mamu's Art, her style is more like those tegaki drawings. But hell, she doesnt have tegaki account, also her arts are rather precious.
Chose Baccano! because I miss this series.
For HanaIro... I made this a while ago. 
this week's update : [93]
 [33] Hetalia | Art by Mamu
[38] Baccano! | Various fanarts
[22] Hanasaku Iroha | Various

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